Maldives National Cadet Corps (MNCC) was inaugurated on the 25th July 1995 by former president H.E Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom to mark the 50th Anniversary, Golden Jubilee of cadetting in Maldives. This is the largest youth organization in the nation.

MNCC is an organization which comprises of cadets from schools nationwide. This is an organization which functions under the Ministry of Education with the functional and logistic assistance from Ministry of Defence and consists of cadets and bandsmen of schools nationwide who are above the age of eleven years.


International Cadet Exchange Programme

Cadets from Maldives have a long history of participating in training camps held Diyatalawa, Sri Lanka since 1965 until late 70’s. Under the Youth Exchange Program in 1993, Maldivian Cadets participated in “NCC Republic Day Camp, India” and “Herman Loos De Zoysa Trophy Competition Camp” on invitation from the respective countries. By the invitation from Maldives, the first foreign cadets’ delegations from India and Sri Lanka visited in 2007.

Three years later in 2010, delegation from Singapore NCC visited Maldives for the first time. The following year in 2011, Maldivian cadet’s delegation travelled to Singapore on invitation to participate in the Singapore Camp.

The first delegation from Maldives participated in Bangladesh’s “Victory Day Camp” in 2014. And cadets from Bangladesh NCC visited Maldives for the first time in 2016

Cadets from Maldives participated in Nepal’s “Army Day Celebrations” for the first time in 2018 and First Delegation from Nepal NCC visited Maldives later in the same year.

At the moment we are having cadets exchange programs with 5 foreign countries.